• Dec302019
    NCWP _ library book list ADULT (Picked by Deb Hurd, Library Asst. Newburgh Free Library) Bill Moyers ON THE HUDSON dvd The Death and Life of the Great Lakes by Dan Egan Your Water Footprint by Stephen Leahy Toms River by Dan Fagin Water; the fate of our most precious resource by Marq De Villiers Drying Up Running Out of Water by Stephen Feinstein The Big Thirsty by Charles Fishman From the Bottom Up by Chad Pregracke Handbook of Water Use Conservation by Amy Vickers Blue Gold by Maude Barlow The Mightier Hudson by Roger D. Stone Two other items had been on the display but were checked out (yippee) What the Eyes Don't See by Mona Hanna-Attisha SEMPER FI: ALWAYS FAITHFUL dvd CHILDRENS (my co-worker Carol Sandroff picked these fine books) All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon World of Water Essential to Life by Rona Arato What's So Fresh About Fresh Water by Ellen Lawrence How Water Shapes the Earth (Science Kids The Changing Earth) by Jared Siemens Rivers, Natures' Wondrous Waterways by David L Harrison Water Is Water by Miranda Paul Why Do We Need Water by Kelley MacAulay Water Up, Water Down by Sally M. Walker Water Wow by Antonia Banyard The Water Cycle by Barbara M. Linde Say Hello to H2O by Ellen Lawrence The Science Behind Wonders of the Water by Suzanne Garbe Earth's Water Cycle by Amy Bauman Covered in Water by Ellen Lawrence The Water Beneath Your Feet by Ellen Lawrence Did a Dinosaur Drink This Water by Robert E. Wells A Drop in the Ocean by Jacqui Bailey

    Water Books @ the Library

    Water Books @ Newburgh Free Library Picked by Deb Hurd & Carol Sandroff ADULT Bill Moyers ON THE HUDSON dvd The Death and Life of the…

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  • Dec282019
    NCWP Water Salons & Watershed Safaris

    2019 Water Salons & Safaris

    We offer seasonal Water Salons and Watershed Safaris to engage people of all ages in protecting our drinking water, advocating for health resources, and restoring our…

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  • Dec272019
    NCWP 2019 Winter Celebration - Watershed Moment

    2019 Newsletters

    July 2019 — Invitation to #1 Water Salon & Watershed Safari @ The Ritz, July 27 Guest speakers from Riverkeeper, Earthjustice, NYPIRG, Environmental Advocates of New…

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  • Oct122019

    TAKE ACTION — Join the Restoration Advisory Committee / Comité Consultivo de Restauración

    DOWNLOAD IN ENGLISH DOWNLOAD IN ESPAÑOL Apply To join the Stewart air national guard base Restoration advisory committee (RAC) Comité Consultivo de Restauración We ask and…

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  • Sep042019
    NCWP @ Newburgh Open Studios

    JOIN US — Newburgh Open Studios, Sept. 28 & 29; Free Family-Friendly Events @ Library

    Join NCWP at Newburgh Open Studios! We are excited to host a free family-friendly event at Newburgh Free Library on Sat & Sun Sept 28 &…

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  • Sep032019

    TAKE ACTION – NY State to Set New PFAS Limits in Water; Add Your Voice & Protect Our Health

    It’s time for the NY State Dept. of Health to fully protect us by setting the highest possible standards of remediation for our drinking water. ADD…

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  • Sep022019
    Help Protect NY State Wetlands & Drinking Water Quality

    TAKE ACTION — Support a NY State Bill to Better Protect Our Wetlands & Drinking Water

    Photo © LAUREN BERG Let New York State Senate know how you stand on the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Bill A3658! The Federal Government is stripping away…

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  • Jul052019
    Newburgh Clean Water Project: Water Salon: We Deserve Clean Water

    JOIN US – Water Salon #1, Saturday, July 27th For a Free, Family-Friendly Event From 2PM – 9PM @ The Ritz!

    NCWP Water Salon #1 – JOIN US Saturday, July 27th FOR A FREE FAMILY-FRIENDLY EVENT FROM 2PM – 9PM @ THE RITZ! The Newburgh Clean Water…

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  • Jun282019
    City of Newburgh Watershed Tours - Free, Family-Friendly!

    Discover Your Watershed! Go on Safari with NCWP, Saturday, July 27, 2019

    CITY OF NEWBURGH’S WATERSHED SAFARIS – SATURDAY, JULY 27, 2019 Explore the City of Newburgh’s watershed and discover where our drinking water originally came from. Moving…

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  • Jun052019
    Oppose Danskammer rally in NBNY today.

    #OpposeDanskammer rally in NBNY Friday June 28, 2019

    Newburgh Clean Water Project, Food & Water Watch, and friends were proud to collect 500 local signatures in opposition to the reopening of the 550 MW…

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  • Jan022019

    Washington Post: Communities Confront the Threat of Unregulated Chemicals in Their Drinking Water

    READ FULL ARTICLE By Brady Dennis — January 2, 2019 Excerpt 1 Harvard University researchers say public drinking-water supplies serving more than 6 million Americans have…

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