TAKE ACTION — Join the Restoration Advisory Committee / Comité Consultivo de Restauración

TAKE ACTION — Join the Restoration Advisory Committee / Comité Consultivo de Restauración
October 12, 2019 NCWP_admin

Apply To join the Stewart air national guard base Restoration advisory committee (RAC)

Comité Consultivo de Restauración

We ask and encourage community members to join the newly forming Restoration Advisory Committee for the Stewart Air National Guard State Superfund Site, so that our community has strong voices minding our business. Residents of the City of Newburgh and Towns of Newburgh and New Windsor are welcome to apply. Applications are due October 25, 2019 and elected members will be notified by mid-November, 2019. 

Committed, diverse community representation will help us hold the Dept. of Defense accountable for the full remediation of our watershed, including cleanup of PFAS contamination from water bodies, groundwater and soil. 

The RAC is scheduled to meet quarterly (Jan. 29, April 29, July 29, and Oct. 28, 2020) and will be composed of 15 community members and representatives of the NY Air National Guard, Stewart International Airport, Departments of Health and Environmental Conservation and other government officials from local, state and federal agencies.

Applications are due by 10/25/19. RAC community members will be selected in November by the RAC Selection Committee.


"The RAC is designed to provide a forum for effective two-way communication between the community and the New York Air National Guard about the enviornmental work that is being conducted at Stewart Air National Guard Base. The RAC may only address issues associated with environmental restoration activities."

for more info, contact:

Heather Pfeiffer
Community Relations Project Manager
Bristol Alliance of Companies

What Do RAC Members do?

"The RAC will provide advice to the New York National Guard, regulators and other government agencies on environmental clean-up activities and community involvement by:

  • — Reviewing & commenting on various technical documents and related site information
  • — Attending quarterly RAC meetings and discussing and exchanging information regarding site cleanup; and
  • — Serving as liaison with the community and providing them with information discussed at the RAC meetings."

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