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  • NCWP Sept. 23, 2020 Water Session - Building Collective Power; Protecting Our Children & Community in the Face of PFAS & Lead

    JOIN US! Water Session 9.23.20 – Building Collective Power; Protecting the Health of Our Children & Community in the Face of PFAS & Lead

    Calling all Moms, Nurses, Health Advocates & Students Interested in Public Health & Environmental Justice For nearly 3 decades—up until…

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  • NCWP Water Session 8.26.2020 - Legislative Teach-In With EarthJustice & Riverkeeper

    JOIN US! Water Session 8.26.20 – Legislative & Advocacy “Teach In” with EarthJustice & Riverkeeper

    What's Going On??? The Legal Battle for Full Remediation of the Stewart Air National Guard Base The Stewart Air National…

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  • Riverkeeper - Meet Fisherman's Ball Honorees: Rob Billot, Newburgh Clean Water Project, Ophra Wolf, Mark Ruffalo

    Meet Riverkeeper’s 2020 Fishermen’s Ball Honorees

    Join Riverkeeper for a very special virtual event to meet the Riverkeeper 2020 Fishermen’s Ball honorees and learn about their…

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