• NCWP Sept. 23, 2020 Water Session - Building Collective Power; Protecting Our Children & Community in the Face of PFAS & Lead

    JOIN US! Water Session 9.23.20 – Building Collective Power; Protecting the Health of Our Children & Community in the Face of PFAS & Lead

    Calling all Moms, Nurses, Health Advocates & Students Interested in Public Health & Environmental Justice For nearly 3 decades—up until…

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  • NCWP Water Session 8.26.2020 - Legislative Teach-In With EarthJustice & Riverkeeper

    JOIN US! Water Session 8.26.20 – Legislative & Advocacy “Teach In” with EarthJustice & Riverkeeper

    What's Going On??? The Legal Battle for Full Remediation of the Stewart Air National Guard Base The Stewart Air National…

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  • NCWP _ library book list ADULT (Picked by Deb Hurd, Library Asst. Newburgh Free Library) Bill Moyers ON THE HUDSON dvd The Death and Life of the Great Lakes by Dan Egan Your Water Footprint by Stephen Leahy Toms River by Dan Fagin Water; the fate of our most precious resource by Marq De Villiers Drying Up Running Out of Water by Stephen Feinstein The Big Thirsty by Charles Fishman From the Bottom Up by Chad Pregracke Handbook of Water Use Conservation by Amy Vickers Blue Gold by Maude Barlow The Mightier Hudson by Roger D. Stone Two other items had been on the display but were checked out (yippee) What the Eyes Don't See by Mona Hanna-Attisha SEMPER FI: ALWAYS FAITHFUL dvd CHILDRENS (my co-worker Carol Sandroff picked these fine books) All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon World of Water Essential to Life by Rona Arato What's So Fresh About Fresh Water by Ellen Lawrence How Water Shapes the Earth (Science Kids The Changing Earth) by Jared Siemens Rivers, Natures' Wondrous Waterways by David L Harrison Water Is Water by Miranda Paul Why Do We Need Water by Kelley MacAulay Water Up, Water Down by Sally M. Walker Water Wow by Antonia Banyard The Water Cycle by Barbara M. Linde Say Hello to H2O by Ellen Lawrence The Science Behind Wonders of the Water by Suzanne Garbe Earth's Water Cycle by Amy Bauman Covered in Water by Ellen Lawrence The Water Beneath Your Feet by Ellen Lawrence Did a Dinosaur Drink This Water by Robert E. Wells A Drop in the Ocean by Jacqui Bailey

    Water Books @ the Library

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    Water Books @ Newburgh Free Library Picked by Deb Hurd & Carol Sandroff ADULT Bill Moyers ON THE HUDSON dvd…

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