TAKE ACTION — Support a NY State Bill to Better Protect Our Wetlands & Drinking Water

TAKE ACTION — Support a NY State Bill to Better Protect Our Wetlands & Drinking Water
September 2, 2019 NCWP_admin

Let New York State Senate know how you stand on the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Bill A3658!

The Federal Government is stripping away clean water protections, so NY State is stepping up. Senator Englebright has sponsored Assembly Bill A3658, which is a measure that would make wetland protections more consistent statewide. At the moment, New York can only regulate activities on wetlands larger than 12.4 acres. This bill will expand NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s power to conserve smaller, ecologically-critical wetlands by including wetlands one acre or greater under state regulatory authority, regardless of whether they appear on the state’s wetlands maps.

Wetlands provide many benefits to people and the environment. They filter sediment, nutrients and pollutants from runoff, improving water quality and serving as a natural filtration for our drinking water. Wetlands control and slow flood waters and serve as a natural buffer along shorelines, thus strengthening our climate resiliency. They provide important wildlife habitat and spawning and nesting grounds for fish, birds and other species. They also serve as important recreation areas for hunting, boating and bird watching.

To weigh in, visit the Bill link below and look for the  right-hand side box labeled “DO YOU SUPPORT THIS BILL?"

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